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Behind the Scenes of Lip Gloss & A Sander


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Vintage Valentine's Day Decorations Inspired by Kentlands Do-It-Yourselfer

It’s been a busy year for Kentlands resident Bridget Edell, host of TV’s “Lip Gloss & A Sander,” a new DIY show that appeals to the do-it-yourselfer in all of us. Since last spring, Edell has shown viewers how to find furniture and home décor pieces at yard sales and flea markets. Then she walks them through the process of giving the treasures new life. She does this from her garage-turned-workshop, now also a TV studio. Edell was nominated for a Viewer’s Choice Monty Award by MC Media TV viewers and has been featured in The Washington Post, on Fox 5 Morning News, ABC’s “Let’s Talk Live” and on CBS WUSA9 Morning News.

As the holiday of romance is upon us, the vintage decorating guru offers a few ideas to bring a hint of romance to your home and for that special someone.

Vintage Coca-Cola Crate

“It’s so easy to use items that you find at yard sales and/or flea markets throughout the year for different holidays,” said Edell. “Here I grouped white and reds together for a romantic display for a tabletop. I am displaying this vignette on top of my black piano flanked by candles. The reds and white against the black provide the contrast necessary for a visually pleasing effect. Remember to use cake plates or other items to give height to the pieces in your display—this will give your grouping visual interest.”

Tole Tray With White Ironstone Pitcher

“Valentine’s Day doesn’t always have to mean all red decorations,” explained Edell. “This display has a soft, romantic feel. I used a tole tray, an ironstone pitcher and some architectural salvage to create a lovely grouping with artificial flowers that can be used year after year after year. In the flower arrangement, I added some feathers and beads to mix with the flowers. At Valentine’s Day, I put a pale pink pillar candle in a hurricane jar and surrounded the candle with sweetheart candies that are popular this time of year. Add a frame in a complementary color to round out the grouping.”

Gift Ideas for a Special Someone

“Buying red roses on Valentine’s Day can be costly. Consider other types of red and white flowers in a painted vase or other container that has been painted, decoupaged or refinished in another manner to reflect your personal touch. After all, it’s the thought that counts. Also, in this display I put Red Hot candies in a bell jar with a wired top. After the candy is finished, you can reuse the bell jar as a vase. To add a personal touch to the gift, you can print a favorite movie quote, wedding vows, or any other words that have meaning to you and your significant other inside the jar. Think outside the box for gift ideas.

“Also, instead of giving just a plain candle as a gift, here is a different twist on the gift that is easy and affordable. For this project I applied some glue to the candles, rolled the candles in red glitter and used cord to attach an X and O to the candle to make it a more fun and creative gift.”


Bridget LIVE on WUSA Channel 9

I had a blast earlier this month as show host Jessica Doyle invited me to share the refinishing stages of a set of four vintage ice cream parlor chairs LIVE during the Your Moneysegment on WUSA Channel 9 Morning News. 


I was greeted by a handful of Channel 9 staff for my early morning CBS debut scheduled for approximately 6:15 a.m.  They treated me with celebrity status and truly made me feel like a star while I waited in the Green Room before going on-air.

Once the cameras were rolling Jessica and I talked about how to turn old items into "flea market gold" - hopefully inspiring viewers to try something similar themselves. I illustrated several stages of transforming old ice cream parlor chairs into treasure, and added a few tips about what you can be doing during the winter months in anticipation of warmer flea market weather!


This makes my third tv gig in three months and the folks at Channel 9 invited me back for further "fabulous flea market finds" in the spring! I can't wait!


Kristi Swartz Guest Stars on Local DIY Show

Lakelands resident Kristi Swartz and Kentlands resident Bridget Edell forged a friendship based on their love of their alma mater, Penn State. But as their friendship grew, they realized that they also shared a mutual interest in yard sales. “I would see her out and about at local yard sales,” recalls Swartz, “and we’ve gone to a few barn sales together.” In June of last year, Edell launched Lip Gloss and a Sander, a do-it-yourself show on Montgomery County’s public-access television station. The show follows Edell as she and a guest visit yard sales and flea markets to find bargains. She then teaches the guest how to refurbish their finds into fabulous treasures for their home. Swartz was a natural choice as a guest for the show. 


“We had a good time, and I was so happy to help a friend,” said Swartz. In the seventh episode of the series, the two set out to find something to jazz up Swartz’s front porch. “I wasn’t sure what I wanted, but I knew that when we saw it, we’d know,” she said. At their third garage sale, they found what they were looking for – an old rusted piece that could be used as a planter or perhaps a beverage server.


In each episode of Lip Gloss and a Sander, Edell teaches a different technique. This project was perfect for teaching the proper technique to remove rust. “I learned a lot,” said Kristi. “Mostly that you have to perform a technique the right way for it to last.” Once they removed the rust, Edell introduced Swartz and the audience to a Rust-Oleum product, which she used to reduce finger fatigue when spray painting.


Filming took two days, one day at the yard sales and one day in the studio. “It took a lot longer than I thought it would, but it was really fun,” said Swartz. Her daughter, Rachel (age 9), even helped out by operating the clapboard, which syncs the two cameras during production. In the end, they transformed the piece into a beautiful, shiny black planter which is now displayed on Swartz’s front porch. “In the fall, I had mums in it, and for Christmas I put poinsettias in it,” she said.


Lip Gloss and a Sander can be seen on Montgomery Community Media Channel 21 on Wednesdays at 10:00 p.m. and Sundays at 5:30 p.m. Swartz’s episode will premier this month. Edell said she is so happy and pleased at how well-received the show has been. “I didn’t realize it would reach so many people,” she said. “I’ve had people stop me and say that they saw the show and it inspired them to try out a project on their own.”


“I think it’s so cool that Bridget is doing this, and I love the reason she started it,” said Swartz. Edell said, “I have a degree in Speech Communications, and I’ve never really used it.” Because she is an avid furniture refinisher and yard sale enthusiast, the show has proven to be a great way for Edell to use her degree and share her knowledge and expertise with others, like Swartz.


To view episodes and tips, click here.


News Channel 8 "Let's Talk Live" Features Bridget's Holiday Tips

It was an exhilarating day under the studio lights at NewsChannel 8 when Let's Talk Live Melanie Hastings interviewed me for a "Holiday Decorating on a Budget" segment! 


I talked about several of my favorite "out-of-the-box" decorating techniques, showing off this year's wreath created with a Mardi Gras Christmas theme. Many of my holiday decorating staples come from treasures I have found and collected over the years at flea markets, yard sales and auctions. Then I come up with creative ways to embellish my holiday trimmings.


When decorating your home for holidays, start with an inspirational piece and design a theme around it. Your motif can be based on a color scheme or a special event, such as Mardi Gras. As my example shows, I worked with a color palette of purples, golds and greens and featured a festive mask to pull it all together. Be selective – do just enough to make your home reflective of the theme. 


News Channel 8 crew and staff were wonderful to work with – and invited me back for future decorating segments. An outpouring of fans lit up LG&S Facebook and Twitter like a Christmas Tree!


Lip Gloss & A Sander TV Show Jumps from Local to Regional!

Lip Gloss & A Sander helps viewers, step-by-step, transform frugal finds into fabulous treasures for the home. With over 425,000 viewers watching in Montgomery and Prince George's counties currently, the cable access TV show has already been nominated for a Monty Award by MC Media TV viewers.

With recent exposure on FOX-TV's "Holly Live" morning news segments, host Bridget Edell demonstrated her "old-furniture-into-new" refinishing techniques and decorating style as reporter Holly Morris rolled up her sleeves and jumped into the action. Holly and the TV crew aired live segments to over 70,000 people in the metro Washington D.C. region.

Neighbors and friends stopped by to find out what was going on when they saw the mega-story antenna and remote television truck parked outside Bridget's home. 

"My Twitter and Facebook were lighting up like crazy with so many people watching and wanting to interact with us on the spot," said Bridget about the results of the coverage. "My hope is to encourage more women to take on simple home improvement projects, with planet-friendly methods – and all on a budget. It's all you need!"

Bridget is fast becoming the DIY authority in the broader metro Washington D.C. region.


FOX 5 Morning News' "Holly Live" Features 
Bridget Edell and Lip Gloss & A Sander TV Show

Holly Morris, award-winning reporter for FOX 5 Morning News, seeks out the most exciting news going on in and around the Washington, D.C. area. She brought her camera crew and excitement to the Kentlands for a "Holly Live" interview with Bridget Edell, creator and host of local cable's newest hit home show, "Lip Gloss & A Sander".


Broadcast to a live audience direct from Bridget's garage workshop, Bridget gave Holly and FOX-TV viewers a glimpse into how she inspires people to transform yard sale furniture into fabulous treasures for the home.


Gaithersburg Do-It-Yourself Pro Breaks
Into Television with "Lip Gloss & A Sander"

Photo by Bill Ryan, Gaithersburg Gazette
Some girls cite a flat iron or a trendy pair of heels are the tools they can’t live without. For Bridget Edell, it’s her favorite tube of lipstick and a great sander.
Edell is the host of “Lip Gloss and a Sander,” which first aired on Montgomery County’s public access television station in June. The show follows Gaithersburg’s Edell as she takes on refinishing, painting and sanding projects step by step.
The title comes from two instruments that are essential for her handyman hobbies and everyday life. “In my garage, I can do anything with a sander,” she said.
Growing up, Edell would spend time with her father in his workshop. She didn’t share her siblings’ interests in sports at the time. She learned how to strip furniture of its polish and refinish pieces to make them look new.
Edell hosted Montgomery County Media’s production staff at her home July 27 to film the fifth episode of
“Lip Gloss and a Sander.”
In that episode, she showed viewers how to create a pub table out of a whiskey barrel. Edell, an executive assistant at Shady Grove Hospital, said the idea came from a friend who wanted to update the wet bar in his basement.
Edell often takes guests on the show to garage sales and flea markets to find affordable furniture that can be updated or refinished.
The host said she hopes the show will encourage more women to take on home improvement projects.
“It doesn’t necessarily have to be a man in the garage,” she said.
Edell’s husband, Gary, encouraged her to take the leap into show business and put her Pennsylvania State University communications degree to good use.
“Back when I was in college and graduating...there weren’t a whole lot of job opportunities for women” in broadcast journalism, she said.
Edell pitched her idea for a television show to Montgomery County Media, which approved her for a series. Merlyn Reineke, executive director of Montgomery County Media, said the station helps county residents and producers work in television. The number of episodes Edell will film is up to her, he said.

Reineke said Edell’s show is “a very creative concept” and might inspire other county residents to start shows of their own.